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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

"There is a perfection in everything that cannot be owned."

~ Anaïs Nin

Some of my photographs on the theme of "Exposed," in random order.

Anna Maria Mirica

Gabriella, June 2006

Patrycja Woźniak, July 2014

Katerina Gartell June 2018

Eilidh MacQueen, Phuket, Thailand. May 2003

Danielė Žibūdaitė & Tonya Vysotskaya, July 2017

Anna Parshina, July 2014

Tonya Vysotskaya, July 2017

Katya S. June 2010

Marta Vorobiova, August 2015

Emilie Cayuela, November 2016

Sue, June 2008

Fleur, Surat Thani, Thailand. December 2004

Danielė Žibūdaitė, July 2017

Gisella Sa, Bang Saen Beach, Thailand. June 2004

Anna T.M. Bangkok. August 2010

Natasha Barduk, St. Petersburg, Russia. December 2016

Malu Carvalho, Shanghai Mansion Bangkok, Thailand January 2019

Kotryna T. Bangkok, December 2018

"My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain."

~ Helmut Newton

Alissa, Bangkok, June 2010

Thais Nascimento, Bangkok, Thailand July 2020

Kotryna P. Bangkok, Thailand August 2020

It's good to shock. It's not good to always be careful. It's good to disturb a little.

~ Ellen von Uwerth

Gift J. Ko Chang, Thailand February 2005

Gabriella & Magdalena, Ko Chang Island, Trat, Thailand June 2006

Jenna Dillon, Bangkok, Thailand August 2020

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