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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

A random selection of my industrial design works in no particular order.

Spring Lounge Chair January 2008

Margarita rests on the "Spring Chair", March 2008 at SOTA 50 Bangkok

It took me some thoughts before deciding I will start this blog with the Spring Chair I designed back at the beginning of 2008. "Spring" is the project name of a series of home furnishing objects for SOTA Studio Collection consisted of occasional tables and this lounge chair, which I like the most. Eventually, "Spring" became the name of this chair at the launch at October BIG+BIH Fair, 2008.

I started the project on occasional tables using a single sheet of SUS316 stainless steel sheet as structure as well as functional surfaces and went on finishing the project with this lounge chair. The concept was rather straightforward to use the material character of the 1.5mm SUS316 stainless steel sheet and the design of the welding points - on three structural points - the "foot," "seat" and the "brace" - so the chair will flex as the person shifts pose on the chair, hence the name "Spring Chair". The designated gauge 1.5mm SUS 316 stainless steel is for the needed strength as well as to control its flexes, in combination with how and where the sheet is welded, and for reasonably safe edges.

The Spring Chair has a seating angle of 11.2 degrees and stretch of 731mm, width 600mm, and comfortable 290mm leg rest. Total display length is 933mm, so even a 179cm Lithuanian model Margarita rests comfortably on the first production chair. It is still available as a made to order functional art.

Breeze Ice Bucket and Wine Cooler March 2008

"Breeze" Ice Bucket & Wine Cooler

Initially, a design intended for Umbra but I decided to keep it as a SOTA Collection. I designed the sand cast glass ice bucket by borrowing the realistic look of ice cubes fused in the process of casting. Sharp edges removed by gas flame to give the ice bucket and wine cooler a polished and slightly melted appearance. Ø 200mm X h 230mm including the clear acrylic lid.

The key visual communication of the ice bucket is straightforward and transparent, and hopefully it remains as a decorative sculpture even not in use, sort of an identity that I tried to establish as an industrial designer.

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