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Memory of Kyoto

Updated: Aug 21, 2021




Showing its back,

showing its front,

falling maple leaf ~ Ryōkan Taigu 良寛大愚 (1758–1831)

One of the countless poems composed praising the beauty of autumn foliage, Kōyō. As fall deepens, the lush forests covering the country’s mountainous landscape slowly transform, taking on spectacular red, orange, and yellow hues.

Fallen leaves to me are the sign of life, part of the perpetual cycle. They fall when they are at the most beautiful, allowing the birth of new leaves.

Kyoto, Japan November 2014

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Eric Bornstein
Eric Bornstein
29 thg 3, 2020

Hi Kaiser, I hope you are healthy and safe. I was looking at some of your blogs again and a couple of questions came to mind:

In your Sony article I noticed that a number of the shots, especially in the Bangkok Station the ISO was quite high. Do you use any type of noise reduction software? I think I read that you are usually in aperature priority and rely on auto iso. What do you try to keep your max ISO at?

Do you feel that Capture One renders images much differently than Light Room?

Finally, can you tell me what you were shooting with in Xiapu?

Thank you, Be Well,


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