• Kaisern Chen

Summer never leaves Thailand

Updated: Mar 3

"A bikini is like a barbed-wire fence. It protects the property without obstructing the view."

~ Joey Adams

Beyond that, woman regardless of how perfect she can be or appears to be will somewhat become vulnerable under the swimsuit which presents a challenge for the photographer behind the camera.

Everyone knows that no one is perfect and yet no amount of beauty can shine without confidence so to ease the guard and help the girl to radiate her captivating charm in the picture, is the swimsuit shot is about.

This image blog - "Summer never leavers Thailand" is a collection of my swimsuit and undressed photographs, in random order.

Julie Rose Brisson, Bangkok. February 2017

Tereza Jelínková, Samut Songkhram, Thailand March 2016

Elis Regina, Indigo Bangkok, September 2017

Sue, Bangkok. September 2007

Kotryna, Bangkok. July 2010

Tatiana Batir & Ceylon, Bangkok. December 2018

Vika, Pattaya Beach, Thailand January 2005

Irina Lysiuk, Bangkok. March 2018

Elis Regina, Indigo Bangkok, September 2017

Anastasia Maslova, Bangkok, February 2020

Paulina Cybulska, Bangkok. October 2015

Julie Rose Brisson, Bangkok, February 2016

Danielė Žibūdaitė & Tonya Vysotskaya, Bangkok July 2017

Nina Laroque, Bangkok, December 2012

Yaowalak Rhitsomchit, Hua Hin Beach, Thailand. March 2019

Betina Canoza, Bangkok, March 2014

Goda Paulavičiūtė, Bangkok, November 2016

Tereza Jelínková, Samut Songkhram, Thailand March 2016

Irina Lysiuk, Bangkok, March 2018

Aneta Oszust, Bangkok, June 2018

Elis Regina, Bangkok, September 2017

Yaowalak Rhitsomchit, Hua Hin Brach, March 2019

Kate Ri, Samut Songkhram, Thailand January 2020

Elona, Ko chang, Thailand April 2008

Tereza Jelínková, Samut Songkram, Thailand March 2016

Nicol Lequirico, Bangkok, Thailand. April 2019

Betina Canoza, Elio Del Ray Bangkok, Thailand April 2019

Irina Lysiuk, Bangkok, Thailand March 2018

Libby Jenning, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand May 2019

Julie Rose Brisson, Bangkok February 2016

Sabrina Baycroft, Bangkok, Thailand October 2019

Katarina Gartell, Bangkok, Thailand January 2020

Kate Ri, Samut Songkhram, Thailand January 2020

Anastasia Maslova, Bangkok February 2020